My name is Dessirá Nicole Schroeder and I have a deep love for supporting woman through intimate moments with guidance to full empowerment of self.

I am a mother, daughter, partner, space holder, mentor, educator and lover of Gaia.

My deep passion is holding space for others in this sacred realm. Dancing in the multidimensional conscious creation of human life is pure magic.

As I serve, this passion continues to call me forward. During my play time, I enjoy spending it with my partner and 4 year old daughter, as we play in the ocean or head to a local farmers market to connect with our local farmers.

What is a doula?

A doula is a birth companion who supports the birthing person as they connect into the nervous system of new creation. Offering physical, emotional and spiritual support prenatally, during labor and birth as well as postpartum.

The doula's purpose is to help the birthing person have a memorable and empowering birth experience, guiding through this powerful transformation with love, assisting the mother and family to relax into the transition, bring the comfort and softness into the space, and to help welcome your baby earth side in the most optimal birthing environment that you desire.